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OnePlus Open Review: A Foldable Phone That Gets It Right


I have been using the OnePlus Open for a week now, and I must say that I am impressed by this device. It is not perfect, but it is the best foldable phone I have ever tried. Here are some of the reasons why I think so.

OnePlus Open.jpg


  • Foldable screen: 6.31 inch front, 7.82 inch unfolded, 120 Hz AMOLED ProXDR

  • Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB storage

  • Camera: Hasselblad, 48 MP main, 64 MP telephoto, 48 MP ultra-wide

  • Battery: 4,805-mAh, 67W SUPERVOOC charging

  • Software: OxygenOS 13.2, Open Canvas multitasking mode

Design and Build

The OnePlus Open has a sleek and elegant design that looks and feels like a normal phone when closed. It has a 6.31-inch cover screen that is bright and responsive, and a ceramic guard glass that protects it from scratches. The back of the phone is either vegan leather or glass, depending on the color option you choose. I prefer the leather one, as it gives a more premium and comfortable feel.

The phone is not too heavy or bulky, and it fits well in my hand and pocket. The hinge mechanism is smooth and sturdy, and it allows me to open and close the phone with ease. The phone also has an IPX4 rating for splash resistance, which is a nice touch.

The only downside of the design is the huge camera bump on the back, which makes the phone wobble when placed on a flat surface. It also attracts fingerprints and dust easily, so I have to wipe it often.

Display and Speakers

The main attraction of the OnePlus Open is the 7.82-inch foldable screen that unfolds into a tablet-like device. The screen is stunning, with a high resolution, 10-bit color depth, Dolby Vision support, and a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate. The screen is also very smooth and flexible, with barely any crease or gap in the middle.

The screen is great for multitasking, gaming, reading, and watching videos. The OxygenOS software has a feature called Open Canvas, which lets me use two apps side by side or in a floating window. I can also adjust the size and position of the apps according to my preference.

The speakers on the OnePlus Open are also impressive, with three powerful Dolby Atmos speakers that deliver loud and clear sound. The sound quality is rich and immersive, especially when watching movies or listening to music on the foldable screen.

Performance and Battery Life

The OnePlus Open is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which is one of the most powerful processors on the market. It also has 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage, which are more than enough for any task or app. The phone runs on OxygenOS 13.2, which is based on Android 13 and offers a smooth and fast user experience.

The phone handles everything I throw at it with ease, whether it is browsing the web, playing games, editing photos, or streaming videos. The phone does not lag or stutter at all, even when using multiple apps on the foldable screen. The phone also stays cool and does not overheat.

The battery life on the OnePlus Open is decent, but not exceptional. The phone has a 4,805-mAh battery that supports 67W SUPERVOOC charging. The battery can last for a day of moderate use, but it drains faster when using the foldable screen or playing games. The charging speed is very fast, though, as it can charge from 0% to 100% in about an hour.

Cameras and Video

The OnePlus Open has three Hasselblad cameras on the back: a 48MP main sensor with Sony’s LYTIA “Pixel Stacked” technology, a 64MP telephoto sensor with 3x optical and 6x in-sensor zoom, and a 48MP ultra-wide sensor for both panoramic and macro shots. The cameras are capable of taking sharp and detailed photos in various lighting conditions.

The main camera has good dynamic range, color accuracy, and low-light performance. The telephoto camera has impressive zoom capabilities, without losing much quality or detail. The ultra-wide camera has a wide field of view and can also take close-up shots with good focus and bokeh.

The video quality on the OnePlus Open is also good, but not great. The phone can record up to 8K videos at 30fps or 4K videos at 60fps with electronic image stabilization. The videos are smooth and stable, but they lack some features like HDR10+ support or audio zoom.

The front-facing cameras on the OnePlus Open are average at best. There are two cameras: a 32MP one on the cover screen and a 20MP one on the foldable screen. Both cameras can take decent selfies or video calls, but they are not very flattering or detailed.


The OnePlus Open is a foldable phone that gets it right. It has a beautiful design, an amazing foldable screen, a powerful performance, and a solid camera system. It does not have many flaws or compromises that other foldable phones have.

The OnePlus Open is not cheap, though. It costs $1,699.99, which is a lot of money for a phone. However, it is still cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 or the Google Pixel Fold, which are its main competitors.

If you are looking for a foldable phone that offers a great user experience and value, the OnePlus Open is the one for you. It is not perfect, but it is the best foldable phone I have ever tried.

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