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Exciting electric cars to be released in 2024:  

22 new electric cars to keep an eye on

13. Jeep Recon



Been waiting for an all-electric Jeep Wrangler? The forthcoming Recon isn't exactly that, but it's pretty dang close. Jeep claims it'll have "impressive" clearances for off-roading, and the EV SUV will have removable glass and doors too. A retractable roof and rear-mounted spare complete the Wrangler vibe. The Recon's legitimate trail-rated capabilities will be further supported by chunky tires and underbody protection. Locking diffs should help make the most of what's sure to be an all-wheel-drive powertrain. We don't yet know how much power it'll make or how long of range it'll have, but we expect those details to emerge well before the Jeep Recon is slated to start production sometime in 2024. 

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